What kind of coins does Michael Aron Rare Coins buy?
We buy all types of rare and scarce U.S. coins. We specialize in silver dollars, copper, gold, and obsolete silver coins. Our buy prices are very competitive as we buy most of our coins from other dealers.

How can I see what you will be selling at your next auction?
Click Here to download our most current catalog.

What are my U.S. coins worth today?
It is difficult to appraise coins sight unseen. We want to hear from you. Please call our office 949.489.8570 or email marc@coindaddy.com for the best way to sell your rare coins.

I'm thinking of selling my collection, what should I do?
If you've ever contemplated selling your collection, please call our office 949.489.8570 or email marc@coindaddy.com. You can expect the same straight forward approach we take with all our negotiations, and you will get the prices you deserve. One of the advantages of dealing with us is that we can buy your coins outright or sell your collection at one of our live auctions.

Can you appraise my coins?
We frequently do appraisals for many different reasons including the liquidation of a collection resulting from a death in the family, divorce, inheritance, etc. or for tax planning purposes. Michael Aron, owner, has done appraisals for over 30 years.

Do you sell U.S. coins?
Yes, we sell U.S. coins through our live coin auctions in Van Nuys, California and through this website. All coins purchased carry a lifetime guarantee as to authenticity.